Frequently Asked Questions

What are Terra Incognita Ecotours like?

Our ecotours are about exploration: discovering new places, discovering new cultures, seeing the world from a new perspective, even discovering ourselves. We change the places we visit for the better, and we hope to change ourselves for the better too. We share adventure. We are involved in the wonder of learning, seeing and discovering new places, people and problems. We are part of the solution. All this in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I'm interested but I am not from the USA. Can I still join a tour?

Of course you can still join the tour! All our ecotours begin at the airport in the country of destination, our tours do NOT usually include airfare. Indeed, we regularly have travelers from Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and elsewhere. Anyone is welcome from any country.

Why can't I do these trips on my own?

Of course you can do these trips on your own, especially if you have large quantities of time, money, patience and you are willing to take some risks. We have researched, visited and spent time in each location. We have met with guides, walked the trails, ate in the restaurants, stayed in the lodges and hotels, know how to get the correct visas, permits and tickets, and so on. By traveling with Terra Incognita Ecotours you are maximizing your chances for a fulfilling and enjoyable trip, and minimizing your risk of problems, pitfalls and frustration. Of course, there can and may still be problems encountered, as travel in remote countries will never be as predictable or reliable as travel in the developed World.

How do I know what a specific Terra Incognita Ecotour is like?

Our website offers a general description of each ecotour. For day-to-day activities and more detailed information about our route, routine, accommodations, and pace or purpose of the ecotour, contact our office and ask for the detailed itinerary for the ecotour or ecotours of interest to you.

What does the cost of each ecotour include?

Our job is to make this ecotour as fun and rewarding as possible. Toward that end we try to make our ecotour fees as all-inclusive as possible. Our fees typically include all lodging, ground transportation, guide services, meals and bottled water throughout. We do not include gratuities as this is a personal decision and should be based on the services received and nor do we include International flights, as there are so many carriers, discount alternatives and frequent flyer programs available, most people prefer to plan their own flights and meet our group at the starting point of our ecotour.

What do I need to bring?

For each ecotour we will provide a detailed checklist for participants that have booked, that will make it easier to prepare for their adventure. Of course a valid passport, (valid for at least six months after the time of travel), binoculars, cameras, and all other personal effects. We will provide further information on vaccination/inoculation requirements, climate and clothing, luggage, emergency contacts, travel documents, etc., on receipt of your booking.

Is group travel for me?

Group travel offers a social framework in which to share the excitement of your discoveries. You are in the presence of like-minded people, you help others, others help you, and at the end of the day there are numerous common experiences to share. Importantly, group travel makes ecotours to remote areas less daunting and makes the cost more reasonable. Lastly, by going on such an ecotour, you leave the planning, logistics and trouble-shooting to someone else, so you can maximize your vacation time.

What is your maximum group size?

Sixteen is our maximum, and our minimum is highly flexible, depending on the destination. Some of our ecotours can operate with as few as two people.

Who are your guides?

Terra Incognita Ecotours guides are the foundation of our success. Our guides are the best available in each location, and importantly, they are warm, fun-loving people who are committed to making the ecotour a fun, educational and rewarding experience for each and every participant. They are familiar with the places we visit, the issues, the personalities, and are excited to share that knowledge with our ecotour participant. They help bring each destination alive, and help make the difference between a "tour" and a Terra Incognita Ecotour.

Is smoking allowed on your ecotours?

Most of our ecotour participants prefer a smoke-free environment. If you do wish to smoke, please be sensitive to the group and refrain from smoking at meals and in proximity to the group when on trails and elsewhere. Smoking in vehicles is prohibited.

How do I book an ecotour?
  • Call us toll-free at 1-855-ECO-TOUR (1-855-326-8687) if in the U.S.A., or 0-800-098-8454 if in the United Kingdom, to check availability. If there is still space available you may request a booking form by phone, or download one from our website.
  • If paying by credit card, you can FAX the signed booking form, the client information form and your deposit to us, and your space will be reserved. FAX to: (813) 289-1049.
  • If paying by check, please mail the signed booking form, the client information form and your deposit to us, and your space will be reserved.

Mail to:
Terra Incognita Ecotours, Inc.
4016 West Inman Avenue
Tampa, FL 33609

Does Terra Incognita Ecotours include international air flights with my trip?

International air is not usually included in the price of your trip, but we would be happy to have you work with Webjet, our preferred preferred provider of international air arrangements. We recommend our customers work directly with Webjet to secure the best possible price and service. Please visit the dedicated Ecotours search page for more information on international air travel, including a no obligation cost estimate of your international flights and complete international air itinerary planning.

Where can I get travel insurance?

We strongly advise everyone to purchase travel insurance for unforeseen problems or medical emergencies. We recommend either CSA Travel Protection or Global Rescue for extra peace of mind, or of course you can talk with your local insurance agent.